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About Tracy Seto

Founder, Planner & Designer

Tracy has over 20 years of event planning experience, both professionally and personally. It started when she started interning at Terra Museum of American Art in special events, marketing and membership department. She loves every single detail of the planning process…from hotel arrangement accommodations to finalizing the menus. She also worked for a nonprofit organization with special event planning that incorporated her position as a project manager. She also executed fundraising events through private organizations and is an active member of International Live Events Association (ILEA) in Northern California.

Born and raised in Chicago with strong multicultural blended families, lived in Washington DC and Detroit Metropolitan Area during her college years, graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Arts Management and concentration in Visual Arts, and finally moved to San Francisco on 4th of July 2000. During the summer of 2018, she decided to chase one of her dreams that she had been longing for quite a long time. And so she did! With her zealous passion, she successfully completed the Wedding Planner certification program at California State University in December 2018. She is proud to make it official as one jubilant certified wedding planner (CWP). She has a multifaceted background of the arts, education, philanthropy, community service, fundraising aspects and special event planning. Her husband found her and they fell in love, got married, share two teenage sons, a Shih Tzu dog, Mr. Biscuit and a foster cat, Miss Tigger. They love to travel, long walks with Mr. Biscuit, entertain their circle of families and friends, and enjoy family quality time. Tracy is an avid cook who loves to create and design life around her, during her travels and with her family.

The story behind Tracy’s favorite fruit…the PINEAPPLE!

When Tracy was 1 month pregnant with her first child, she embarked a boating camping trip with her husband among their circle of friends at the Lost Isle in San Luis Opiso. Pineapple has always been her favorite fruit since she was a young child so she eventually brought her own pineapple. But alas, she realized her pineapple went missing after she returned back to the camping site. Her husband decided to look for it by hopping into his speed boat and away he went back to the Lost Isle. A half hour later, he returned with her lost treasure. She, of course, was overjoyed and decided to share it with their circle of friends during the bbq cookout dinner. It was the best juiciest sweetest pineapple….thanks to the sun and water basking it through the grassy glades!

After the birth of her son who was then 4 months old, she received her first Mother’s Day gift from her younger sister, a white jade pineapple plant. It was a perfect reminder of how much she loved pineapple, and how she craved for it during her first pregnancy!

Growing up, she disliked orange juice so pineapple juice was always her first choice including DOLE pineapple rings and dried pineapple, her favorite childhood snacking treats.

Did you know there is a meaning behind the word PINEAPPLE? Pineapple represents nurturing and hospitality, which are two of the strongest traits that defines Tracy, marking her trademark as an event planner and designer.

About Susana Lai

Design Team Associate

Susana first stumbled into the world of crafts when she was in college, finding it to be a fun stress reliever for balancing her Information Technology studies at RIT. She remembers playing with her first rubber stamp set and working with origami instructions step by step. Now, she likes to dabble in many different kinds of crafts including beading and sewing, but her true love is always in paper crafts. She believes that paper making is one of the greatest inventions! (She does keep the 3 R’s in mind: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!) Seeing bright colors makes her happy and she hopes that others feel the same way when they receive their handmade stuff ♥️. She loves to spend time with her family such as going to local art galleries and eating out.

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