Time is of the essence with an afternoon tea fete for two!

What to do when your friend decide to pay you a long overdue visit within the next day or two? Simply put...nothing can ever go wrong with throwing an afternoon tea fete in the comfort of your home. It doesn't have to be superlative expensive or elaborate. Use what you already have. Just invest ...

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My Membership with ILEA-NCC

I’m sure most of you have questions that ponder through some pathway of your zany brain that has to do with your life changing decision…be it a personal one, a career change, buying purchase, and so on. In my case, why is it important to become a member of a special events affiliated ...

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Hello Year of 2019, Hello June and Hello YOU!

Finally, I am here to share my expertise what I am most passionate about with you! It is not only just about everyday celebration and special events, but also explore through the channels of lifestyle, travels, cooking and cultural arts. You probably already know, or maybe not, there is always a ...

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