Creative Locus, LLC Photography Credits

Tracy has a guilty pleasure in relishing more than one talented photographer because each is unique with his/her own trademark. During her college years from more than 25 years ago, her usual escapade was a repetitive trip to local libraries and bookstores. Photography and art bookshelves were usually her first choice to cater her endorphin released eye candy treat. She had such admiration in pioneering photographers such as Robert Doisneau, Don Mc Cullin, Annie Leibovitz, Man Ray, and Anne Geddes. It is such a nostalgic visual art form since practically every single captured photoshoot keep you wanting to go back and relive each moment, appreciating unique angle in different directions, the captured emotions, the crevices of magnified details, elevated shadowy tones of darkness and light, and interesting elements thrown in the mix. She has a deeper appreciation and equal respect for many photographers out there. So, she wants to share extraordinary photo credits to a trio of amazingly talented photographers who captured the essence of moments right here on this site.

Extraordinary Photo Credits:
The wedding photos by San Francisco based photographer Devlin Shand.

My business photos by a dynamic husband and wife photography team, Anna and Jonathon

1st birthday party event by an aspiring photographer from Boston, Thomas Franck.

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