Hello Year of 2019, Hello June and Hello YOU!

Finally, I am here to share my expertise what I am most passionate about with you! It is not only just about everyday celebration and special events, but also explore through the channels of lifestyle, travels, cooking and cultural arts. You probably already know, or maybe not, there is always a great many special reasons-and may I add extraordinary excuses too-there is to celebrate about! Be it the union of two lovebirds, an expecting new addition to your family, an annual social event, a sequential milestone occasion and even an honorable tradition that can be passed down from one generation to another. Other than my compassion toward celebratory moments, I also love to beautify and add oomph to life with my personal interests that dance around the simplest domestic deets. Again, I repeat, yes, I tend to repeat over again which concludes me being a perfectionist and literally takes in every little detail in mind. Cooking, decorating, designing organizing and exploring cultures, entertainment and arts play a big component of my lifestyle, including drive away and long distance travels. The remaining component of my lifestyle centralizes my family life, our Shih Tzu, Mr. Biscuit, and our foster tabby feline, Miss Tigger. So incredibly grateful and blessed every single day.

Did you know such productions of events are not as easy and as instant pronto ready as they seem, unless if we have a fairy Godmother by our side? Sounds dreamy to have our own fairy Godmother taking care of our our every whim right? I’m sure you’re wondering how is it possible to do it all? Well, there’s where the existence of event planners, coordinators, and designers come in. What exactly do we need to look into before deciding on who can become our planner, coordinator and/or designer? 10 traits in one sitting is what you need to look out for:

  • driven passion
  • be able to execute creative visual development
  • excellent communicator
  • proven time management
  • coordination skills
  • multitasker
  • negotiator
  • detail oriented
  • decision maker
  • be able to follow your set budget

And yes, I am one of many, with my own set of skills and designs!

Onward to my upcoming happy trail of…

Truly yours,

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