My Membership with ILEA-NCC

I’m sure most of you have questions that ponder through some pathway of your zany brain that has to do with your life changing decision…be it a personal one, a career change, buying purchase, and so on.

In my case, why is it important to become a member of a special events affiliated organization? Is it worth shilling out dollars that cost more than 2 weeks worth of groceries, or even a pair of those dazzling Jimmy Choo heels?

After thinking it over for quite some time, I resonated that investing and educating yourself is the way to make yourself credible in what you are most passionate about.

And so then, I decided to sign myself as a member of ILEA-NCC. Why is that, you may ask?

I was recommended by my former professor at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) to join the International Live Events Association-Northern California Chapter (ILEA-NCC) to continue my lifelong learning experience as not only a wedding planner, but as also an event planner. The ILEA is a great way to develop your networking opportunity platform, retain mentorship benefits, and take advantage of educational workshops on specific topics pertaining to your knowledge and set skills in special event planning. Even though I am already a certified wedding planner, I strive to learn new things every day with legal aspects, strategic approaches with planning logistics, and current trends in the event industry. It applies in the same way as we do in keeping up to par with the latest technology updates and the legal responsibilities that come with them. What is even better is that, American Sign Language (ASL) has always been provided at each and every educational workshop I signed up for. Equal access for all-win win! I have been an active member for over the past 2 years, and absolutely love it!

If I can be an up-and-coming aspiring event planner, so can you! It goes the same for any other interests that you are most compassionate about. Questions or comments, please feel free to ask away!

Truly yours,

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